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Sales CRM to maximize productivity, pipeline visibility, and revenue for sales teams

Sales CRM

Sell to the finish line

When you invest in the right sales software for your business, your team can focus on what matters—winning over more customers and closing deals. Sell is an integrated sales tool that keeps track of your conversations, streamlines your daily sales activities, and improves your pipeline and performance visibility. Not to mention it's backed by a dedicated team of experts to provide support whenever it’s needed.

Sales email intelligence

Stay on top of things

Send an email
Email tracking

Keep all your email communication in context. Instantly log and record all your lead and contact-related emails in Sell, whether they’re sent to your inbox or in the Sell UI.

Email notifications

Receive real-time push notifications and alerts when a prospect reads or clicks on your email so you can reach out at the right time.

Activity reporting

Get access to out-of-the-box reports that examine key metrics like email count and outcomes so you can maximize your email conversations and selling techniques.

Mobile CRM

Receive critical email insights and alerts on your tablet or smartphone. The Sell native mobile sales app makes it easy to access and measure email communication from wherever you are.

Email automation

Create and save unlimited email templates in Sell, and take advantage of merge tags like "name" and "company" to add a human touch.


Automatically engage leads and contacts by setting up email and task sequences in Sell. With templates at your fingertips, streamlining your email campaigns has never been so easy.

Native dialer

Make the right calls

Call summary
Click to call

Make calls without lifting a finger. Just click on any phone number to place a call. Even streamline mass communication by easily generating call lists for rapid automated dialing.

Log and record every call

Instantly log and record any outgoing or incoming calls and reference them any time, all within the context of the appropriate lead, contact, or deal.

Scripts and notes

Say the right things at the right time with the ability to store and access notes and call scripts directly in Sell.

Send a text

If you reach a prospect’s voicemail, just follow up with a text. Track and attach all your SMS messages to your lead, contact, and deal cards.

Call analytics

Get out-of-the-box reports that track key metrics including call count, duration, and outcomes.

Integrations and APIs

Stay connected

Hit the ground running

Connect Sell to the tools that you use every day with out-of-the-box integrations built to extend across your business and create immediate results.

Apps and integrations

Build your own Zendesk app for exclusive use within your business, or install a public app from leading software providers. You can display or update external data, hide or show a field, or even build a custom solution.

Create the right connections

Whether you're working on a side project or building a major integration, Sell APIs and SDKs provide the foundation to set your integration project up for success with our sync services and pre-built code libraries.

Sales prospecting

Win more prospects

Sales prospects
Increase conversion

Create targeted prospect lists, identify the right professionals in each account, and easily prospect across multiple channels.

Enhance productivity

Leave contact searching and verification up to Reach so your dataset is always complete and current.

Discover new opportunities

Take advantage of untapped and inaccessible markets with access to over 20M businesses, 200M professionals, and intelligent lead recommendations.


Instantly improve your Sell contact and company records to ensure your data is accurate, current, and comprehensive.


Build targeted lead lists using industry, company size, role, and more in Sell. And when your list is ready, automate outreach with Sell’s integrated communications tools.

Sales reporting & analytics

Keep an eye on your sales pipeline and performance

Let best practices lead the way

We’ve done the heavy lifting and calculated sales performance metrics for you so you can start getting better visibility into your pipeline right away.

Drill down and dig in

Break down trends in your sales regions or teams to see underlying factors that drive performance.

Customize everything

Tweak the formatting options of any chart to make your data easier to read and customize dashboards to match your brand.

20+ chart types at your service

Choose from 20+ chart types to help you display data in better ways. From bar to pie charts, Zendesk has every visualization option you need.

Forecast ahead

Predict deal volume and forecast revenue growth to optimize planning efforts for sales strategy and team management.

Export your findings

Download customer data in a variety of formats—CSV, Excel, PDF, or Image—to use as you see fit.

“We are using Zendesk Sell and Support to make it easier for the entire organization to surface and act on relevant information. By giving our sales and support teams everything they need in one platform, they are able to effectively and efficiently collaborate and improve the customer experience.”

Simon Rodriguez

Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Staples Canada

Partner with us

Our team of experts helps build custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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We’re fully invested in the ongoing success of your integration—from initial development to maintenance.

Time to go live

We’ll set you up with a comprehensive and effective solution as soon as possible.

High adoption

We understand sales and employ modern usability principles to design complete, intuitive solutions that drive user adoption.


If something comes up, we always have a solution. All custom integrations are built by our experts, so you always have full support.